Go invisible with us

Wise Ghost helps you browse better and safer. Navigate safely and privately with Ghost Mode. Choose any combination of features - from a VPN, automatic cookie, and extension restriction when accessing sensitive sites.

What is Wise Ghost?

Here at Wise Security we’ve developed the friendly Ghost Browser extension to help you protect your identity and enhance your browsing safety and privacy. Check out the product intro below.

Video Ghost

How does it work?


Easy install

Add the Wise Ghost extension and access from the top right corner bar by clicking 🧩 anytime you need to enter Ghost Mode.

Inactive Screen

Activate Ghost Mode

Browse with Ghost Mode to leave less traces online, mask your identity with a VPN. Choose any combination of features - Cookies cleaning, VPN, and temporarily extension shut down.

Inactive Screen
Ghost Mode lets you
VPN Ghost


Tunnel your connection via VPN — A secured remote server masking your identity and IP address.


Delete Cookies in new domains while in Ghost Mode


Isolate extensions (addons) while in Ghost Mode. Less snooping around. What you visit is your business

Search Privately

Use more private search engines. Choose from Wise’s own Search endpoint, DuckDuckGo and other world leading engines.

Let the Wise Ghost help you on your journey.
Boo to the bad guys.